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OUr history

In 1982 at Kypseli, in an alley at Sporadon 40 – next to Fokionos Negri, the story of “The Egg of the Rooster” began. A small restaurant that opened its doors every evening at eight and closed at dawn at six. At that time, all the restaurants closed at two o’clock in the evening. You see, there was the relevant restricting law on saving electricity. So it was natural to “fast” if you were working and finished work at that time.

Nikos Grevias gave the solution to this problem. He used candles to light his tables and the surrounding areas. This innovation solved the problem with the “law” and gave way to focusing after two. News spread quickly throughout Athens and many Athenians began to flock to the Egg of the Rooster, to taste a hot rooster soup and all its other wonderful dishes, under the light of candles. Almost the entire artistic world of entertainment and entertainment passed through there. Famous and ordinary Athenians, but also politicians, businessmen, athletes, etc. The Egg of the Rooster became fashionable, became a point of reference, became a “must”.


Today it’s here again – with you – at the “Metaxourgeio” tavern. In a building that functioned as a winery since 1933. Back then, the Athenians used to come here to taste the mezes and wine of the tavern and sing their songs. Having the same passion and enthusiasm, we bring all this magic across the street to the square.

The garden in the Egg of the Rooster has been added to complete the picture and take its visitors to a world of memories. With respect for the tradition and history of the building, but also with all the know-how we acquired from the Egg of the Rooster, we marry these two stories.

Through this combination we hope that we will once again leave the same good impressions on both our old and new patrons. For the hot summer days, the room is air-conditioned, but there is always the option of the outdoor area with the garden which is directly opposite and on the square.